Users of the centre

Carers group

If you are a carer for someone that has dementia this maybe the support group that could help, they meet every Monday except bank holidays at 10.30am-12pm in the small hall at the Deaf centre.

If you need more information about the group please email: who will then pass your email to the organiser.

Saturday Kids Zone

The founder of this Club was searching for a Local deaf children's club for her son to join but after days of searching she could not find a club local to us in the Portsmouth area.

Her son struggles in school due to there being very few deaf peers for him to interact with. It can be isolating and feel very lonely at the best of times.

The founder is also deaf, a cochlea implant user, and when she was a child she was part of a weekly deaf club that did activities every half term and holidays. I could confide in my friends and the volunteers.

Due to goverment cuts over the years these organisations are no longer running.

This was why the group was set up and called Saturday Kids Zone,

Everyone is  welcome and they are based in Portsmouth Deaf Centre, fortnightly Saturdays 3pm til 5pm.

The next group meets on the 06 October, for more information use the link below to read more about the club.

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Portsmouth Association for the Blind

In 1922 the charity was formed to help the blind people of Portsmouth and later this was extended to include all visually impaired people.

Portsmouth Association for the blind is the only charity specifically for the Vision Impaired people in Portsmouth.

They are totally dependent on donations received from the public. Your help is always welcome no matter how little it may seem.

They also operate a School’s Awareness programme, schools who contact us may receive a visit from a team of volunteers who demonstrate accessibility aids and methods of communication used by VI people.

They also operate a home visiting service.

For more information:


Dance school

There are dance classes for children and young people that are run on a weekly basis, the times are:


Tuesday evening 4pm-6pm

Thursday evening 4.30pm-7.30pm

For more information about attended these classes email us.