Portsmouth Deaf Club

Deaf club committee

Mrs Debbie Hawkins (Acting Chairperson)

Mrs Linda Jackson (Secretary)

Mr Jeffrey Howl (Treasurer)

Committee members:

Mrs Brenda Maynard

Mr David Palmer

Mr Stephen Russell

Mr Matthew Darren

Mr David Jackson- Co-opt member acting as an advisor


Any person can become a member of the Portsmouth Deaf Centre Club which also include automatic membership of Portsmouth Deaf Friendly Club. Once you have  visited the Club for three times you can fill out and application which is then approved. The visitor Fee is £2.00 per visit.


There is an annual membership fee of £10.00 for the Deaf club which also gives you automatic membership of Portsmouth Deaf Association. Membership Fees are renewed from 01 April to 31 March. 

Note : From August 2021 until March 31st 2023 the PDC Membership is £10 due to the pandemic only.

Portsmouth deaf club rules and constitution are displayed within the Centre.

The PDCC Committee is responsible for organising various events and advertising them. The events are also shown on the Deaf club Facebook.

Until further notice, the Portsmouth Deaf Club will meet on the 2nd and 4th Saturday every month as well as some certain Saturdays the Club will be closed. It is hoped that this Club will meet every Saturday in the near future.

The events that the Club arrange are Bingo, Bus Stops, Curling, skittles as well as parties for example Halloween, Valentine , New Year Eve as well as occasional trips. There are special activities arranged such as skittles and curling.


There are also talks arranged and presented by deaf professionals that are of interest to the deaf community.


These evenings all take place at the Deaf centre from 7pm-12am.

For more information see the events page.