About the centre

In April 1984, Portsmouth Deaf Association, formerly ‘Portsmouth Association for the Welfare for the Deaf and Dumb’ was relocated to 279 Arundel Street, Portsmouth. PO1 1LX.

Portsmouth Deaf Association own the building but it has always been named as the Portsmouth Deaf Centre. 


The Portsmouth Deaf Centres purpose is to ensure that not only there is a place where all Deaf people can meet on both social and educational basis but for other members of the local community to participate in the facilities that are offered by this Centre. 

Portsmouth Deaf Club


The Deaf Club is open to any person whether they have some degree of hearing loss or not. They offer a place where people of varying hearing loss can come together in a friendly and social atmosphere as well as taking part in various Club events.​

Portsmouth Deaf Centre has its own bar facilities for the Deaf Club on a Saturday night and private events including a pool table.

Bar area
Deaf club bar

Portsmouth Deaf Friendly Club

The members of this Deaf Friendly Club work together to organisevarious events

They meet every  1st, 3rd and 5th (If the month has 5 Wednesdays) Wednesday afternoon from 12 noon until 4 pm every month

Like Portsmouth Deaf Centre Club, they organise various events such as Bingo, Bus Stop game as well as occasional trips plus other events

The true purpose of Association is not only for the Deaf Community but to involve the various communities that live side by side with us all.


We are also proud to say that this Association is for the benefit of any one community whatever their ethnicity, race, disability, age, gender or sexual orientation or whatever we want to meet as one community rather than separate groups.